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Mrs Mac

« on: March 26, 2010 »
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  • Hi to you all

    We have just come back from Los Gigantes and had a lovely time and the weather was fantastic.  It reached 94 on three days.

    However, everyone around us still seems to have or have caught the "bug".  Providing we don't go down with it within the next few days, we took probiotic tablets all holiday (one a day) and were very very careful on basic hygiene - after all basic hygiene is not difficult to do, and we managed to stay well.

    The biggest problem for us was staying in an apartment right opposite the bus station.  The noise was very intrusive, and whilst it did not ruin our holiday it was not very pleasant all day long not to mention the diesel fumes.  We will definitely be going back to Los Gigantes, but will be staying somewhere else.

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  • Glad you had a lovely holiday and intend coming back.