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  • Hi Guys i'm new to the area, and i have to say that powermfgold is the best local station i have heard fo ages (been travling a lot), but can any one tell me if it isa related to powerfm as i cant understand how one station can have one channel (if they are the same) so good and the other so bad! does anyone listen to that Terry someone, more than once! where did they dig him up from, i was in radio myself a few years ago, and i can say i have never heard a presenter so bad, the other guys on the station are not to bad, but for me it has to be powerfmgold.


    Sorry, don't understand Martian.

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    sounds like an advert for his own business to me..... 


    does this radio have any numbers for oversea's listeners?

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    Me is confused.

    If one is not allowed to mention the name of this station, how come it recieves a good mention in the first line of the post, and for that matter, the full contact details (phone numbers and web address) appear on the Contacts page of this fine website?

    A little confusing for a mere mortal.............

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    does this radio have any numbers for oversea's listeners?

    A correction -  for listeners read listener !!  ;D
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