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Pool Safety
« on: September 26, 2008 »
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  • It was interesting to read some old posts when el president said:

    The amendments of the Pool Laws of 1989 were issued on 1st December 2005. These amendments outlined the new standards applicable.

    The new Pool Legislation came into force on 1st June 2006

    ? Lifeguards are not required in Residential complexes or in Commercially exploited complexes of less than 40 apartments

    ? In both the above cases (no lifeguard) the pool area has to be made inaccessible to unaccompanied children (a child is defined as being under 6 years old)

    ? To make the pool area inaccessible to unaccompanied children, security gates, fences etc. have to be erected. (the height of all gates, fences etc. is defined as 1.5m minimum)

    ? If there is an accident involving a child in a pool that does not comply with the legislation, the insurance policy will be void

    My community is complying with the New Pool Legislation.

    If your community knows nothing about it I would suggest your President or Administrator makes some urgent enquiries!

    Two Residential Complexes were mentioned,  neither seems to be complying with these rules and it is over 2 years on.
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    Re: Pool Safety
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  • I agree. The safety of the pool area and the regulations in relation to it takes up most of our AGM even though we are in the smaller complex category.

    Those mentioned,  and several others just do not seem to care less.

    They will care if and when an accident takes place and they all as owners become liable.

    A cheap apartment in one of these complexes will seem very expensive if ever it happens. Fingers will be pointed in all directions.

    Do they ever have an AGM? Probably not as all properties have not been not sold within the resorts that the previous poster mentions.

    The quicker all complexes comply with the law the better. The owners and marketing agents just seem to bury their heads in the sans.

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