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Author Topic: PLAYA ARENA BEACH - THEFTS & PERVS  (Read 1868 times)

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« on: January 05, 2009 »
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  • Please be aware there are a bunch of girls and lads about a group of 6 who are stealing items from people on Playa Arena Beach. You notice them straight away because there is two white girls, the young lads look Moroccan and then there is an English much older guy and what they do they circle people and start kicking their bags away from the owners. My sister and I noticed them straight away and thought there was something quite not right. We saw them make out they were taking photos and then they distanced themselves from each other, I told my sister so we sat and watched them to see what they were doing, they then noticed us watching them and I heard the English older guy tell the others they were being watched. We then saw them circle a Dutch family and start to kick their belongings away from them. We got up straight away and told them and you?ve never seen the bunch of them leave the beach so quickly. They will hire out sunbeds so they look genuine sunbathers.
    SECONDLY, girls please be aware when you go topless as there are guys down there making out they are taking pictures of the cafe there and they start to turn their camera phones around to you so they can take pictures. Thankfully i noticed this guy doing it and told this topless girl and she was so upset. Just be aware.