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battery boy

Off Road Parking
« on: May 02, 2008 »
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  • Here we are at another holiday weekend, the sun is shining, mothers day on Sunday and not a parking place in sight in Puerto Santiago apart from the multi floor car park just below the Post Office on Calle la Hondura which has three or four floors of empty car parking spaces. Cars are parked on the pavements, blocking private garage entrances and in any space that is big enough to accommodate a vehicle. I saw this morning a man pushing his invalided wife along the main pavement in Puerto Santiago, which was difficult enough, and then had to go onto the main road facing the traffic to get around a vehicle parked across the pavement. Come on some body lets get real and open up the multi floor car park which has been in its present state of completion for over a year now. Where are our Local Police - why do not they react and slap parking offenders with a fine? Where is our Mayor - why can he not bring pressure on the car park builders to get it up and running? If local elections were due it would be a different story!
    As Calle la Hondura winds its way passed the two hotels, Barcelo and Tamaimo Tropical, it should be noted that neither of them has any parking for staff or guests not to mention the five car hire companies who blatantly leave their hire vehicles parked on the road.
    Is no one going to do anything, surely opening the car park with hundreds of  spaces and the Local Police directing motorists to use it would help and to ensure that Hotel staff  are encouraged to park there as well. No wonder our local businesses suffer. >:( >:(     

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    Re: Off Road Parking
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  • Battery boy is getting all charged up and with good reason. Is this not another case for our new politician. Come on steve do you read the message board or are you just message bored ?

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    Re: Off Road Parking
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  • Very good point.  I have transferred your question over to Questions for the Council.