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june whitehouse

« on: September 22, 2008 »
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  • Hello Everyone at los
                                                         I don't know any of you and i think some of you met my mum over the last few years in los gigantes, esp the bamboo bar and Domingo's. She was known as Mary, little Mary, and Gin Mary.
    Just want to tell you all she came back to the UK in January this year to live with us. Got ill at Easter and  Sadly  passed  away last week Tuesday 16Th September.
    I just thought somebody there might have wanted to know, of  her passing away.
    My mum kept her self to her self and loved los gigantes more than she loved any where else in the whole world.
                                                                                                          June Whitehouse


    Re: obituaries
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  • June  am so sorry to hear of your loss.
    My mother sat with Mary a lot in Domingos,think she walked her up the road a lot as well,or maybe the other way round.
    Did you not used to frequent this site or was it another Mary?
    If you did i'm glad you are back if you did not well helloooo there from me.x

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    Re: obituaries
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  • Condolences from ome who never knew either of you.


    Re: obituaries
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  • Sincere condolences from me too June. I never knew your mother personally but have spent many an hour sitting in Domingos 'people watching' and watching the world go by whilst having a quiet relaxing time so may well have seen 'Little Mary' out and about doing the same.

    There was a contributor to this message board who went by the name of Mary Whitehouse (and took some stick for it on one occasion !). I should not imagine that was your mother as yours is possibly a 'married name' ?

    My family and I too keep coming back to Los Gigantes and the surrounding resort area, it is a home from home.

    Despite recent raised tempers elsewhere on this forum and a planned campaign for a boycott (Oh Dear !) we shall continue to come back and look forward to meeting up with friends we have made over the years, some Canarians and some ex-pat residents and swallows. There are a lot of good people about and I'm sure that is why your mother felt at home here too.

    With all best wishes,