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Notary in Alcala
« on: April 13, 2008 »
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  •  :)Good news for those of you who didn?t already know there is now a Notary in Alcala. There has been a lot of talk just recently on how to improve the area; well at least one thing has improved greatly.

    We recently needed some paper work sorted, we had been putting off for months because of the trips to the Notary in Icod or Las Americas, in each case you loose the best part of a day. Instead we were able to go to Alcala close to the Endesa (electric company office) just behind the church on the main road.

    I speak reasonable Spanish but I always find it a bit daunting, in these legal situations.
    The staff have very good language skills covering English as well as French and German. I was just so relived and learned more about what I needed and how best to achieve it in 10 minutes, than I had in months of research.

    This office is highly efficient. I normally expect to wait for the usual week to go back to sign, but no all the paper work was ready the next day and duly signed in front of the Notary with only minutes to wait. Fantastic!

    For those of you who don?t know, Notary public can carry out all manor of things, contracts for house sales being just one, Wills being another (essential for all ex-pats resident here, as your English Will means nothing in Spain unless it is written in Spanish, with English translation, and signed in front of the Notary).

    To have this on our door step is fantastic. In the past if you wanted to sign for a property, you had the long trips or had to wait for the notary to come from the North on a Thursday, what time? oh well you know he has lots to do; bring your own translator, have a rushed translation etc now its possible to sort this on our own door step, translation by Agustin is first done at your leisure before the signing, and he takes the time to explain anything you are not sure of.

    Their number is 922 86 64 05   
        Fax  922 86 63 95

    Monday to Friday 9.30am to 2.30pm and on Thursday 4pm to 7pm