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Author Topic: No news..!?!  (Read 1733 times)

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No news..!?!
« on: January 11, 2012 »
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  • Hi all, I have not been on here for a couple of months now but logged on a few days ago just to catch up on what was happening over there only to see that the news pages were last updated in October last year!

    I know news articles can only be written if things are happening but has nothing really happened since then...

    My wife and I cant get over as much as we used too anymore as we now have a 2 year old son (although we are trying to come over in May for the the first time in 1 and a half years!) and I look forward to seeing the updates and news articles on here.

    Hope all are well in Los Gigantes/Santiago and Arena and look forward to coming over in May (fingers crossed!)

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    Re: No news..!?!
    « Reply #1 on: January 11, 2012 »
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  • At the moment we no longer have a volunteer to translate the news - any volunteers?

    Santiago del Teide news

    If you do not speak Spanish copy and paste into google translate and you will get a fair idea.

    I receive a telephone call from the Council about any special events going on. They will be placed on the What's on locally - programme of events page of this board.