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From THE SUN dated Friday 18th April 2008. Page 25. John Gaunt's column.

I could not find a link to this story so reproduce it as it is written.

Driving back to my Tenerife villa on Monday night I got stuck behind a dustbin lorry as we entered the beautiful village of Los Gigantes.

For once I didn't mind being held up, as it gave me an opportunity to compare our country's and Tenerife's attitude to trash.

First there seemed to be no worries about health and safety as one of the boys was standing on a plate at the back of the cart and jumping on and off to load on the massive communal wheelie bins.

Plus, he was picking up any extra trash that was left out in boxes or bags and slinging them in the back without hesitation. Can you imagine that happening in the UK?

Not only that, but he and his colleagues pick up the rubbish every - yes, I said EVERY - night without fail. Not twice a fortnight or when there's a bl**dy Z in the month. Next morning teams of street cleaners were sweeping the streets and emptying the waste bins and generally keeping the place spick and span.

But here's the killer punch. Guess how much it costs every household for this service, regardless of the size of the house?

Under 200 quid. Now that's not rubbish.

Isn't it nice to hear positive news about the village that we love for a change and for that news to be shared with millions of people in the UK.

This follows on from some very positive comments by Jane Moore, in Wednesday's edition of the same newspaper, about her trip to Tenerife on easyJet.

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  • Excellent, always nice to see good press :)  One thing though, I think he was exaggerating the "basura"(rubbish) bill, mine was 11euros every other month when I was living in Tamaimo!!