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New visitor to the island..
« on: July 02, 2010 »
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  • Hi there to all forum members..I am going to be visiting the island in August for the first time.
    I am staying at Hibisco 1 apartments on Calle Hibisco in Los Gigantes and would really appreciate some pointers on the following please:

    1.Best places to eat and drink in the local area
    2. Location of supermarkets for all our essentials!!
    3.Petrol stations in the local area
    4. Banks/cash machines
    5. Most importantly where I can buy english newspapers..

    Any other help/advice would be very much appreciated..Thank you

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    Re: New visitor to the island..
    « Reply #1 on: July 02, 2010 »
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  • susanjo, welcome to our little corner of the island. To try and point you in the right direction as follows.
    1. There are many good places to eat in the immediate area TIPSY TERRACE by the bus station ,THE HARBOUR CLUB a little lower down, CKS BISTRO down the ginnell opposite the LG hotel for starters. As you walk round the village there are a wealth  of other restaurants who are all pretty good.
    There is TRANSITO on Cardiac Hill going out of the village, Harrods is in the centre of the village and COUNTRY GARDEN where you can also get English newspapers.
    The nearest petrol station is in ALCALA about 5 kilometres from LG.
    There are two banks in the centre of the village BANCO SANTANDER and CAJA CANARIAS.
    This is a start for you and as you meander round and about you will find out more of this wonderful island.
    We all hope that you have a wonderful holiday and may it be the first of many here.


    Re: New visitor to the island..
    « Reply #2 on: July 03, 2010 »
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  • Congratulations on finding a treasure.

    There are lots of lovely restaurants, Chinese, Italian, Austrian, Indian, Mexican and of course Spanish throughout the whole area of Los Gigantes, Puerto Santiago and Playa Arena.

    A host of entertainment from a quiet bar overlooking the ocean to some entertainment bars which suit many ages and tastes.

    Supermarkets that sell almost everthing, personal products are quite expensive so do try and bring them with you.

    At Los Gigantes harbour you can take your pick of boats to venture out to see dolphins, pilot whales etc.

    The blue flag beach at Playa Arena is one of my favourite places.   Lots of sun beds, great facilities and no ball games allowed!!!
    In Los Gigantes there is the Oasis, an area with sun bathing areas and a pool with great views and facilities. The Lido, the same great pool and views.

    With all this going on if you get time to read a paper there all a few places to buy a paper.      Have a fab time.

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    Re: New visitor to the island..
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  • and, you know what, you'll be rebooking for next year! ;)

    for more restaurants: try la pergola in pto santiago, san remo pizzeria and bar also in pto santiago and el rincon de juan carlos in los gigantes.


    Re: New visitor to the island..
    « Reply #4 on: July 04, 2010 »
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  • forgot to mention - Masca.

    Go and have a look.  Either on an organised coach trip or car hire.   

    A brilliant day out.


    Re: New visitor to the island..
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  • Hi there - congratulations on choosing one of the best places ever to spend your hols. My family and I are on our way back to beautiful LG in 4 weeks - I'm so excited I can hardly breathe!  This will be my 8th visit and it just feels like I'm coming home every time I go(how I wish it was my home!). 

    There are many lovely restaurants in LG, I haven't tried them all - but I'm going to have a good go at getting to the ones I haven't on this visit.  We particularly like El Pescador, Miranda's, Ocean Drive & the Dolphin (for great brekkies and the Dolphin also has great tapas) and there's a nice restaurant overlooking the Harbour, but I can't remember it's name. You certainly won't go hungry.

    Transito supermarket up the hill going out of LG is a teensy bit cheaper and (I think) more civilised than the ones in the village, but take your car cos the walk up the hill is not for the faint hearted! It's not called Cardiac Hill for nothing!!!  They bake bread every day and the croissants are gorgeous.  We buy our veg/fruit from Country Garden and they sell newspapers too.  Simple Simon's next door to the Country Garden sell yummy pasties and sausage rolls.

    We love going to Masca - the scenery around there is well worth the white knuckle drive to get to it, so beautiful.  Teide is a must - spectacular.  We also enjoyed Garachico, La Orotava, Teno lighthouse (fantastic sunsets and brilliant snorkelling), Icod to see the Dragon tree is worth a visit too.

    There seem to be lots of petrol stations around - we hire a car at the airport and pay for a full tank - we have not yet managed to use it all during our 2 weeks.

    Whatever you decide to do when you get there, I know you'll just love this beautiful island and will be so happy you chose Los Gigantes as your Tenerife base.  Bet you go again next year!!!!

    Happy hols

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    Re: New visitor to the island..
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  • Hi S

    While I live in Tenerife I am not in the west and therefore treat it pretty much like a visitor does, seeing it through visitors eyes.  At first glance I did not like it - far to British, but once you get to know it there are some lovely places.  I feel sorry for the visitors who do not come on the forum to learn about what is available because like me on my first couple of visits I missed out on so much.  I have hopefully attached a link to show you where places are located  and a couple of photo maps which might help

    Enjoy your visit, and hopefully you will return time after time.