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Author Topic: New port at Fonsalia - plans announced  (Read 2012 times)

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Draft plans for  a commercial port at Fonsalia (between San Juan and Alcala) have been announced by the Canarian Government. For more info

Plans are only in the draft stage at the moment and I for one never thought it would ever get to the planning stage.   Will it bring more business to our neck of the woods?  It would certainly create more jobs in the area. New roads will get us all to the airport much faster. 

However the damage it would cause to the environment, our beautiful coastline.  Our lovely dive sites and I've tried not to think about what all that work and commercial shipping would do to the whales and dolphins of this area.

Are you for or against these plans?

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Re: New port at Fonsalia - plans announced
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  • not sure if we should be happy about it or not..... i dont want to see the coastline and marine animals/fish being affected, but i think we need the money that this could bring with it. 

    i just hope that we are not going to end up with all the nasty industrial stuff and los christianos ends up with the millionaire yachting fraternity.....  that would be dead sickening for ALL concerned..... i have my suspicions..... :-\\ :'(


    Re: New port at Fonsalia - plans announced
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  • Whilst I can understand the jobs created implications might seem a good reason for this, how much more of Tenerife's beautiful coastline must be lost? Nowadays, when you fly in at night, its pretty much one long line of lights from LG to the airport. The very thing that has been the islands selling point, ie its natural beauty, is being eaten up by the concrete sprawl year by year.

    Even inland is not escaping, with huge swathes of land being lost under tarmac to compete the link road. All very sad, I do not think the locals realise just what harm they are doing to their island with all this. 

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    Re: New port at Fonsalia - plans announced
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  • Well, my thoughts ....

    Assuming the development goes ahead, I would see it as another nail in LG's coffin as a resort - sadly.

    It will bring more work to the general area yes, it will get us a fast road to the Tf1 yes, but I for one can see most of the "pleasure" boat trips operating from LG harbour pulling out and moving to the new port. 

    You can understand why obviously, access to the new port would presumably be much easier without coaches having to blind reverse down the hill to the harbour etc....

    I have no idea on the environmental implications, not my bag, but one can only presume there will be at least some negative implications.

    That said, since most of the people shipped in and out of LG never set foot in the village it may not be a bad thing......