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Author Topic: New Anti Smoking law Passed in Spain  (Read 3830 times)

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New Anti Smoking law Passed in Spain
« on: October 25, 2010 »
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  • Hello All

    A new law comes into effect, throughout the whole of Spain, that starts from 2nd January 2011.

    Smoking will be banned from all indoor places open to the public, with smoking only being allowed on terraces. A terrace has been clarified as having 2 sides and a roof. Any place with 3 walls or 4 will have to be no smoking.

    Smoking will also be banned in all Childrens Parks and also the grounds of any hospitals.

    Thus all bars and restaurants without a terrace will not allow smoking, hence only bars and restaurants with outside terraces.

    For smokers, at least they agreed to start on the 2nd January, as they agreed that it would spoil New Years Eve parties if at 00.00 hours, everybody had to stop smoking !!! nice of them eh.


    Re: New Anti Smoking law Passed in Spain
    « Reply #1 on: October 25, 2010 »
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  • Do you really think that anyone will take notice of this new law ? cause they didn't take notice of the last one.

    The current law states you have to have a smoking and no smoking area, yet in Las Americas bars (for example) MAGIC and BUDDA BAR allow smoking inside and outside, as do most others.

    Passing a law is one thing, enforcing it is another.

    I won't hold my breath (unless I have to inside a smokey bar ) LOL


    Re: New Anti Smoking law Passed in Spain
    « Reply #2 on: October 25, 2010 »
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  • Hello

    You are slightly mistaken, the current law set in December 2005 States:

    Any bar under the size of 100m2, the OWNER can decide whether smoking is allowed or not, any bar over 100m2, have to have a separate smoking area.

    Thus the new law changes every bar under 100m2, that their customers can only smoke outside or in what is classed as a terrace.
    I jhope that clarifies things


    Re: New Anti Smoking law Passed in Spain
    « Reply #3 on: October 25, 2010 »
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  • As an ex smoker, good luck with the ban.

    They have tried to apply exactly the same rules in Greece and it has been completely ignored!!!!

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    Re: New Anti Smoking law Passed in Spain
    « Reply #4 on: October 26, 2010 »
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  • I won't hold my breath

    I will - especially if there are smokers puffing away whilst i'm eating !
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    Re: New Anti Smoking law Passed in Spain
    « Reply #5 on: October 27, 2010 »
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  • This new law sounds a bit woolly on the issue of outdoor smoking. I hope this won't mean smokers in Tenerife puffing away outside bars, cafes and restaurants as they tend to do in the UK. This has the effect of forcing us non-smokers inside to avoid the smell and smoke. Why should we have to be disadvantaged for the sake of selfish smokers who seem to lack any sense of self-control? What sort of example are they setting for children and youngsters? And we all end up contributing to the cost of their medical treatment when they eventually get their comeuppance. 

    A few years ago in a South African restaurant, I saw the perfect answer for people who are really tobacco addicted - a glass box, with an air-locked door, where smokers could puff away in splendid isolation, and in full humiliating view of other diners.

    Sorry about this rant but my family are all asthmatics for whom cigarette smoke could prove to be not just an inconvenience, but also deadly.


    Re: New Anti Smoking law Passed in Spain
    « Reply #6 on: October 27, 2010 »
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  • Hi Raymond,

    I know the law that was set in Dec 2005, just didn't want to go into detail about it because the bars I stated are well in excess of 100m2 as are most of the big ones around Las Americas. Almost all of the ones I go into are massive bars and all allow smoking inside and outside, there are no separate no smoking areas, thus this new law will make no difference as far as i'm concerned. They all pay taxes to the Councils, who are all struggling for funding, so the last thing they are going to do is close bars down and risk losing money !

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    Re: New Anti Smoking law Passed in Spain
    « Reply #7 on: October 27, 2010 »
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  • To Boadicea
    Putting aside your rant and obviously strong opinion, which you are perfectly entitled to by the way, this is the flaw in the anti-smoking legislation, and why actually I think Spain got it right last time.

    The issue is a simple one - some people smoke, some do not, that's life and it isn't going to change overnight.  It's no different to the fact that some people eat far too much, some binge drink and some have absolutely no regard for others through their driving habits or loud music at 4am, whereas others eat and drink and live in sensible moderation.  The similarity in the costs and burdon to the health service here or in the UK is actually quite similar, but onto the main point.

    The previous (Spanish) legislation allowed (dependant on size) bars and restaurants to elect to be either smoking or non smoking provided they made it very clear with signs. Larger establishments were allowed to establish a designated smoking area and customers could then make their own decisions as to whether to use the establishments.

    As you observe, the new anti-smoking legislation forces all establishments to be free from smoke, whether they or their clients want to be or not, and it will have the effect of those who do smoke being restricted to using the terrace areas, assuming there is one.  Clearly this restricts those who do not smoke and find it offensive (not all non-smokers object to others who do), to using the inside areas.

    In many ways, the irony is that the new anti-smoking legislation is more restrictive to those who do not smoke as it is to those who do.

    But, smokers are not being selfish smoking in the areas in which they are permitted to do so, they are simply following the rules whereas it is most unlikely that the day will come where binge eaters or drinkers will be forced to sit in designated areas.

    So you are correct when you say that the new legislation will have the effect of forcing people like yourselves inside where the establishment has a terrace and allows smoking on it, and I would agree that this does seem unfair to you and others who cannot abide the habit and smell.  However, please do not accuse those who do partake in the habit of being selfish for simply abiding by the law.
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    Re: New Anti Smoking law Passed in Spain
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  • Los Gigantes is so quiet now, if they brought in the smoking law as in England, what would happen, bars and restaurants closing. Spanish People are the most for smoking, and I know of one spanish bar, banned smoking altogether when the smoking ban came in last time, it was always full, then they didnt have any custom at all, have since notice they have put a table outside on the pavement. What are we going to have, cigarettes ends on the streets all the time, a cant see them putting ash bins on the streets.