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Author Topic: Monarch and Flyglobespan announce deals to Tenerife  (Read 2502 times)

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A couple of snippets of information that may be of interest to some people.

 Check out 'Low cost Monarch flights to Tenerife' and also 'Flyglobespan reduces fares to Tenerife'


Some info on flights for December 2009. 

We have just booked with at ?230.00 pp. for December 25th - returning 15th January 2010. 

Same dates with Monarch were ?886.00 pp.

Blue Biscuit

I have just booked a single with Ryanair to Stansted for tomorrow at 38 Euro all in (no hold bag).


MONARCH are a total rip off. They advertise low fares and then by the time you pay for everything else it has gone up terrible. You even have to pay ?6 minimum for a seat (as if you've got the choice of standing up lol). The ?6 seats are a disgrace, your knees literally squash up to the seat in front so you end up having to pay ?25 each way for a bit of extra room. If you're cold then ask for a blanket - they will charge you ?5 for it. For example, flying out on Tuesday 22nd December and coming back 2 weeks later is = ?252 plus taxes of ?61.35 takes it up to ?313.35 plus ?19.00 to put your bags on takes it up to 332.35 then your crap ?6 seats each way totals it to 344.31 so whatever price you originally get from monarch you have to add a hundred quid onto it. Then you don't get a meal or anything on there so that's probably another 20 quid each time you have a drink and a snack.  Terrible flights, will never travel with these ripping of merchants again. PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK BA!


Hello Pookyblue,
I agree with everything you say. Monarch are not a cheap airline and we are slightly worse off than you as we are paying just over ?400 per head for three of us to come out during the school hols in April. There is really very little in the way of alternatives and I would like to see BA back on the route but can't see it happening.
You are quite right that all of the additional charges just keep adding to the bill and you are naturally charged a card payment fee on top of everything else.
The choice is ours and we do keep coming back and I am sure I could get a whole holiday for ?400 per head elsewhere but I don't want to.
The lucky people like Blue Biscuit who can fly outside of the school holidays do pick up incredibly cheap prices, probably subsidised by us families - but we're not bitter.
There is no fun whatsoever in flying 'cattle class' and it is just a means to an end. I wasn't impressed with the easyjet boarding scrum and do prefer to have an allocated seat so it is ?6's all round for the family. At 6' myself and with a 6'5" son the cheap seats are cramped but another ?50 per head on top of the price already paid is just asking too much. The reclining seats in front just add more frustration! Four hours of purgatory each way to enjoy our holiday!  :(