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Author Topic: Masca "Walk" is wrongly named  (Read 2827 times)

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Masca "Walk" is wrongly named
« on: May 11, 2007 »
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  • I had an interesting conversation this morning with a couple in their 60quote s who came into the office.  Their holiday was now spoilt because the gentleman could hardly walk as a result of the Masca walk.  

    Their points were:-
    - They were not warned it would be a scramble/mountain trek. They feel it is wrongly called a walk.

    - No one asked them about any medical conditions or general fitness for the walk.

    - Their guide hurried them when they needed to slow down and take more stops.

    How many times have I heard these complaints over the years.  This particular couple would not have gone if they had been properly told what to expect.  How many times have elderly, or unfit people been carried down, or a helicopter sent to the rescue.  I will not disclose the company who took this couple as it seems that all companies are the same (please correct me if Iquote m wrong).

    Anyone out there considering the Masca walk must be reasonably fit, used to walking and have no heart problems etc.


    Re: Masca "Walk" is wrongly named
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  • Dolly Diver !!!! HALLELUJAH !!!! well said !
    I used to work in a busy reception, and each time people would ask about the Masca walk, I would correct them and say "HIKE" !!!

    I had first hand experience a couple of years ago, it was a nightmare.
    We had a young group and so the tour guide from a group called Vent d oest. Decided we would break the record !!! we made it down the ravine in 2 hours 40 minutes. I lost my two big toe nails, there was blood everywhere when I got my trainers off. Doctor Fernando had to treat me, so I didnt get sceptic.

    I always advise people that there is rocky terrain, shingle which makes you slide and theres a bit of rock climbing at various points !!

    Hiking boots are a must, the ankle piece stops your toes going forward when going down the rocks.

    I was once admonished by my manager for talking a couple of pensioners out of the walk !!! cos we lost the commission ! big deal ! Id rather see these people forewarned, than visit them or mislead them.


    Re: Masca "Walk" is wrongly named
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  • Yes, there are a lot of irresponsible people organising "walks" down to Masca Bay.  I know of an elderly couple (70's) who visited Masca recently and a waitress at one of the bars offered them tickets for the boat from the bay back to LG.  She told them it was an easy walk, so they set off expecting to be there in 10 minutes or so.  No boots, poles or water and little walking experience!  Luckily they met a group coming in the upwards direction who put them right before they came to grief and escorted them back to Masca. 

    I am a fairly experienced walker but would NEVER suggest anyone tackle this walk without a competent guide.  I recommend going with Hans, who meets up at the bus stop in LG and has brochures all round the town.  He is always grumbling about the parties of 25+ people with a single guide.   He has small groups (usually less than 10) and does Masca on Thursdays.

    I recently met an English and a German walker just outside Santiago del Teide.  Neither spoke the other's language and they were lost.  They had been separated from a large group and didn't know where they were or where they were going.  They only knew they were staying in a hotel "on the coast"!  They had also strayed into some bee hives and been badly stung.  Presumably the walking group was so big that the guide hadn't noticed he had lost two of his flock.  Maybe it's time guides were licensed and insured.

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    Re: Masca "Walk" is wrongly named
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  • I'm sorry to hear that standards seem to have slipped so badly with this very popular walk. When I first arrived on the island I undertook this walk and thoroughly enjoyed it. We were given a talk about the walk by one of the guides and advised not to undertake it if we suffered from bad knees or any other ailments. We were also advised to wear suitable footware and if we didn't have any we could hire them from the guide, which I did. We went with two guides one in front telling us all about the walk and the wonderful flora and forna of the walk. He even took along a tin of cat food for the stray cats along the route. The other guide was taking up the rear to watch over any stragglers and help them along. About half way down we stopped for lunch consisting of bread, cheese and ham, plenty of water was supplied en route. On reaching the end of the journey in Masca Bay we boarded the Nashira Uno and were fed once again and entertained by the antics of the crew. All in all it was a very enjoyable day. Yes I agree you need to be reasonably fit to attempt it and I was a regular walker in England so understood what I was letting myself in for, but I cannot fault the information or the guides we had at the time and am saddened that standards should drop so people no longer get to see the beauty of this walk.

    Scots Lass

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  • We also undertook this "walk" some years ago on one of our first visits to Los Gigantes. Although the scenery was breathtaking and it was approx 80 degrees, even early 30's and reasonably fit, I really felt it for a good few days later. My knees are not so good and the climbing areas were a bit of a struggle for me let alone 60 + 70 year olds.
    We felt that once we had reached Masca Bay that the hour wait for the boat was too long in the heat and nothing to do. Fine if you want to jump in the water and splash about but we could've been doing with a wee cold drink of something - maybe a business opportunity for someone there!


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  • So have to agree!! My hubby and I undertook this walk about 3 years ago, he an experienced hill walker, me ...well walk the dog 3-4 miles a day.

    After the walk we were both exhausted, physically and mentally, the jump onto the boat after the walk was an event in itself!!
    There were 2 couples on the "walk" in their 50's staying in the same complex, the females were not see again for the remainder of the week ...couldn't walk!!

    Definately worth doing, spectacular scenery but should be made clear it is not a stroll, it is a climb/scramble/hike not for the faint hearted!!!