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  • Hello all you people on the West Coast.

    Arrived here from the Peninsula and what a difference!!

    I hate to cause controversy but - what a difference; it appears that Tenerife is way behind mainland Spain.

    The second lowest education standards in all of Spain! Ii this tolerable given the year round tourist revenues?

    Let's look at the Marina in Los Gigantes - I was out here last in the late 70's and there appears to be no maintenance and improvement to the Marina at all.  Given that there are over 300 moorings in the Marina with the berthholders all paying on average 200 Euros (? - guessing) per quarter in Community Charge, where has all the money gone?

    In addition, it appears that the harbour mistress is about to be evicted, there is a new Harbour Master about to be appointed and haphazard refurbishment taking place in the meantime.  No lighting, new trenches that are evidently not deep enough (legally) to house new cables and pipes, spilled diesel all over the place and, it would appear, such a lax timeframe for completion of work, that most of the businesses on the harbour side will be out of business before the work is completed!!

    Incidentally, has anyone noticed the state of the pontoons?  They are disgusting and dangerous. In mainland Spain such a situation would never have occurred.

    How can such a state of affairs be allowed to continue.


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  • Suggest you go back to the mainland if its that good

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  • well said janet! but, los gigantes marina is privately owned hence no control over it!!!!!  maybe the local council should step in!


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  • Just interested to know where Janet gained her information re the schooling system here in Tenerife and does she have children herself. My child is currently in school and at just over three she speaks two languages, counts and is learning basic reading. Regular reports and workbooks are sent home so I can see exactly what she is learning and can assist at home. All the teachers I have encountered have been enthusiastic, dedicated and always have the childs best interest to fore. As a parent I cannot ask for more.