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  • Just read this and without sounding too 'pickie' where the 'eck is Calle Hibiscus???

    The street in which the Tipsy Terrace and bus station are situated is Calle Hibisco.

    Those of us who live here or or stay longer than most need to get place names right, please.

    Anyway, it was refurbished only about 2 mths ago with new paving stones etc, so is the article referring to the clearing out of some of the plants from the planters?

    Moral of story - don't believe the ayuntamiento's press releases.


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  • I guess your "handle" gives us a clue  ::) I guess as I'm only a regular visitor, the pressure's off me to get names correct but just to be equally "pickie" I thought the correct name was "Calle del Hibisco!"