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Author Topic: Los Gigantes Marina Fair, 12th - 19th of November.  (Read 2403 times)

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A fair is being held on the Los Gigantes Marina with a cram packed weekend of activities and entertainment

For full info


I told a guy about this and he has come back and said

>>went to Los Gigantes on Sunday and couldn't find a thing ask around and nobody know nothing about it lol but we had a nice drive anyway <<<

So was it cancelled???

turtle lyn

ye i went down to find not a thing going on ?? ??? ?

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Same here!  Walked down around 11 am and, apart from the harbour being closed to parking alongside the shops, there was nothing happening.  We tried the beach and harbour but couldn't find anything that we could describe as a "special event".  Our Councillor for Tourism made a tour of town on Friday proclaiming that "Los Gigantes is open on Saturday and Sunday", although I didn't catch what it was open for.  Clearly, it wasn't for parking by the harbour!
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