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Los Gigantes Hotel Reviews
« on: December 16, 2012 »
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  • Just reading the last few weeks reviews and most of them are not too good, looks like they might  have hygiene problems why doesn't anyone from the hotel reply to the reviews I wonder. We went in October and had a great time.


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  • Hiya
    We have been to the hotel for the last 2 years at Xmas without any problems - although we did religiously use the hand sanitisers.
    We also have relatives who visit for 1 month at this time of year and go self catering - and they have suffered previously - so one would assume that it isn't the hotel to blame.
    However, most of the reviewers who are blaming the hotel for their sickness claim that they started feeling ill 24 - 48 hours into their holiday and I would quote from the NHS website "Symptoms usually appear one to two days after you become infected"
    We're going to the hotel again this week and will carry out the same precautions whilst there and more importantly take extra care whilst travelling out - airplanes do tend to be a breeder of germs especially when certain people don't care who they cough or sneeze over.

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    Re: Los Gigantes Hotel Reviews
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  • I agree dont blame it on the hotel. What about the 2 cruise liners that docked at Southampton with over 300 people with the virus. Cruise and stays MAY have something to do with it. Its rife in England at the moment.  Wash hands regularly, and try and use you hotel room bathroom. Enjoy your hols. I have to wait until September