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Los Gigantes Beach Latest
« on: August 19, 2010 »
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  • Hello everybody.

    Today I have seen an update about the progress, or lack of it, relating to the opening of Los Guios beach in Los Gigantes.

    A meeting was held on the 4th August 2010 between the local business association, the town hall and the Engineer appointed to carry out the survey. It was confirmed that the initial thought process was to cover the whole cliff face with metal netting and then injected with concrete, to then hold everything in place. For this idea the projected estimated cost was ?600,000, fr which this amount of money was approved as long as the work was carried out by the end of December 2010.

    This idea was subject to a Geo technical study of the cliff face,(which the coastal department insisted had to happen),was carried out by the end of June this year.

    The findings of this engineering study was handed in at the beginning of July.

    The recommendation was CHANGED, and the new plan following the study of the cliff is now to use a system of what can be described as massive screws, measuring 12 metres in length, which will be driven into the cliff face and then all open areas of the cliff face displaying gaps and cracks, will be filled with concrete.
    It was also recommended that the los guios approach road must be dealt with in the same way before the beach can be opened
    Coastal department was given this plan on the 12th July, however, it is thought that the cost of this new project will be 3 times the original estimated cost, now ?1,800,000.
    One of the preoccupations now is that the original money was made available but only up til the end of December, and this amended plan will not be completed within the time span originally dictated by the government. the mayor has been asked to now reapply to the government for additional funds and also to extend the period of execution of the works. the mayor has said that within 1 week from now, the full report will be made available and when analyzed, a time scale can be given as to when the work will be completed.
    The local association of business people regret that this change of direction will now delay when the beach will be open, but also agrees that what has a done, can guarantee the safety of all users of the beach in the future.

    I will update you all when i have further information,