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Local scam artist - beware
« on: April 16, 2012 »
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  • The following warning was sent to me from a friend who lives on the Los Gigantes - Tamaimo road

    Last Tuesday I was warned about someone who has just tried it out on me (Saturday 14th April at 5pm.)
    A short, stocky, Spanish speaker in his thirties, drove up to the house and claimed he had hit a bump and damaged his car, lost petrol and had no money to buy more. He asked for a loan and promised to repay on Monday.
    The logical thing for him would be to coast downhill seeking assistance, not drive up a remote track. He has, I know, tried this up by Tajinaste.
    His car is a silver, two door Seat or Opel with a horizontal dent in the passenger door/front wing and registered 2122 CNT.
    The driver had a shaved head and small, goatee-type beard.
    Please let others know about this guy. I told him I knew of others he has tried this scam with and I said I had his car number and called him a thief and told him to go away or I would call the police. He thanked me and, as he drove off, flipped me the finger.
    Be alert and warn others - he seems to be working the road up to Tamaimo but might try anywhere.