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Latest visit
« on: January 17, 2010 »
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  • Have just returned after a very enjoyable 3 week stay.   Not taking into account the dreaded virus that laid us up for 3 days.

    As we had such beautiful weather we didnt do much, just at Arena beach, the Oasis or by our pool. A trip to the see the dolphins and this time chose the right trip.

    Night time we found plenty to do and on the whole ate and drank very well.  A few negatives on the food front, but put it down to them having a bad day.

    Got to meet lots of good people, old and new.

    Still in love with the place. 

    I will spread the word here in the UK and wish everyone good luck for a busy prosperous 2010.

    Thanks to everyone in LG/PS/Arena for another great holiday.

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    Re: Latest visit
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  • I've also just returned from a three weeks' stay at our house in the area and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. The area continues to look smarter as pavements are renewed, and beautiful displays of poinsettias everywhere helped to promote the seasonal spirit.

    But there was one thing that horrified and appalled me - the blatant disregard of many to the life guards' warnings on Arena beach. The sea was rough most of time and red flags were flying every day. Often the lower part of the beach, where enormous waves were breaking, was taped off.

    Yet still people - and, worse, children - were playing in the water, ignoring the frantic whistles of the life guards, and some even arguing with them. They could have lost their footing and been smashed onto the rocks or swept out to sea, and because of their stupidity, it would have been the life guards who would have had to risk their own lives to try and rescue them.

    Do they think they know better than the boys in red who spend everyday on the beach, understand the dangers of waves, currents and tides, and work very hard so that holiday makers can have a good, safe time?


    Re: Latest visit
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  • I had a similar worry recently at Puerto Santiago beach. A family with very young children playing in the surf. One rogue wave with the massive undertow that results would have had their two under fives away even though they were holding their hands. Stupid!!

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    Re: Latest visit
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  • I'm afraid this happens every winter.  People take no notice of the warnings and every year lives are lost in this area.  Up to now this winter there have been no reported deaths because the lifeguards are fencing off access to the sea and calling the police if anyone enters the water.

    There are some stupid people who even climb over the tape to go in the sea, and on walking past  a couple of weeks ago I witnessed two men arguing with the police and lifeguard, the waves were horrendous and no boats were going out.  The two men are alive today because the police took action.