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Holiday Discounts
« on: August 30, 2007 »
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  • Anyone contemplating booking a Thomson holiday (Los Gigantes Hotel, Barcelo Santiago, Poblado Marinero etc) through the Thomson website, should first visit the Holidays Uncovered website for an extra 'a350 booking discount off the total cost of the holiday (unfortunately, not per person).

    On the Holidays Uncovered home page, click on the big blue ldblquote Holidays Uncovereddblquote  sign, which will take you to the ldblquote Reviewsdblquote  page. Click on ldblquote Holiday Discountsdblquote  (top right) and then on the ldblquote Get 'a350 Discount Codedblquote  in the Thomson box. 

    Make a note of the discount code and then click on ldblquote Use this Link to Activate Your Codedblquote  which will take you to the Thomson website.

    When you find the holiday you want to book, enter the discount code on the second page of the booking form (before you have committed yourself to buying the holiday), click ldblquote Validatedblquote  and before you proceed, look to check that 'a350 has been taken off the total cost of the holiday.