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Health Tourism
« on: December 30, 2007 »
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  • One of the reasons we regularly visit the Canaries, is to buy essential medicines which are not available on the UK National Health Service. And if you shop around, the difference in price can be quite staggering.

    Below you will find two photographs of the same  medicinal compound (which I use daily for headaches) for sale this week at two Transito shops. The one on the left was selling for 30 Euros per litre at the Gigansol Transito and the one on the right  at the Transito in Puerto Santiago (by Lagos de Cesar) for 20.99 Euros per litre (and also at the same lower price at the Transito at Playa Arena).

    What could possibly justify this difference?

    Why are the sick and infirm pensioners of Los Gigantes who are incapable of zimmering to Puerto Santiago and Playa Arena for their medicines being exploited in this way?

     Just thinking about it is enough to bring on a headache!

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    Re: Health Tourism
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  • I wonder if the "cure" is actually the reason for your headaches in the first place Fal !!  ::)
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    Re: Health Tourism
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  • As there are no photographs can you tell us what this Magic Potion is,also is it good ?


    Re: Health Tourism
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  • Daisy, I think you will find that you need to log-on to the new message board to see the photo?s.

    Is it good? Well, I wake up every single day with one of my blinding headaches and I find that several table spoons (half a litre or more) before I get up, works such miracles. I think the potion is blessed by the monks in the monastery where it is made.