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Author Topic: have you ever had anything stolen from your suitcase at the airport  (Read 2087 times)

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If so here is how easy it is 


This is very popular on luggage with zips. You can get tags that will tell it has happened and prevent the movement of the sliders.  A bit late then.

Ever seen a piece of luggage going round a carousel with half of its contents hanging out?  See if the luggage has a zip, this may have been ripped
open. No time to re-zip or the zip was weakened.

But most suitcases and bags have zips nowadays.  You could design the re-zipping out (some suitcases have a fixed post to attach the lock as well)
and I am sure YKK could design one with internal zip elements.

But it is all down to the few pence extra it would cost to do it...


I was also shocked when on my return I found the contents of my suitcase had been ransacked..All sorts of paraphanalia (is that how you spell it) had been taken...5,I say 5 vibrators,all of different sizes & colours,my nurses outfit,blow up doll (name Ken Hungwell)damn shame!"!!! :-[....crotchless whatcha call thems etc...not for my use,but for resale!!!!!!Honest..
So,I went to the reclamation desk to ask if they had seen them...& I swear to GOD,there was KEN,standing there with my crotchless thingy's on..He had been the pilot..It's brilliant what they can do nowadays


blue, pop down the farmacia and get them to change your prescription happy pills, I think you've overdosed  :o


Hee Hee,
Swear to GOD thats  wot happened..........either that it's the damn BLACK midget gems I bought today from that shop in Saun been there???????????Celebrations it's called...pear drops midget gems wine get the pic...bloody lovely x