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Google earth
« on: April 06, 2007 »
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  • The new release of Google earth updates Tenerife especially Los Gigantes. It shows some of the damage done to the hillside near the Royal Sun, althouth that is not completely up to date.

    It shows the completed Gigansol on heart attack hill, and it shows Balcon Los Gigantes which looks quite pretty from satellite but is not that realistic as from the ground  the wood is now peeling, as predicted, in the heat, and satellites cannot show the real truth.

    Anyone date the new image? Perhaps you can see your car or even see yourself in you hot tub. Don't forget there is always someone watching!


    Re: Google earth
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  • If you view the "Layers" sidebar, go to the very bottom and click on "digital globe coverage"

    You'll need to zoom out a bit, but they claim its 2006-10-15.