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Author Topic: good news for tenerife at last  (Read 1722 times)

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good news for tenerife at last
« on: May 30, 2009 »
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  • Taken from this weeks Canarian weekly

    AT LAST, a ray of sunshine for British holidaymakers, and good news for Tenerife's tourist industry, as the pound strengthens against the euro!
    Reports this week suggest there will be a huge surge in

    the pound's value over the next few months, up to 1.25 euros.
    That will make holidays to Tenerife and the other Canary Islands far more viable than they were at the start of the year, when the pound was worth only a euro.
    A new holiday survey reveals that 40% of holiday-

    makers will definitely be going to Europe this summer.
    Experts say the UK is on track to recover from the recession earlier than continental Europe. And travel trade body ABTA says this spells good news for the Eurozone.
    Despite reporting 10% overall drop in bookings this

    year, it expects numbers to rise as the euro looks more enticing.
    "There's no doubt people are worried about the economy and have been consid*ering carefully before taking a holiday said a spokesman for the travel organisation, which represents more than 6,000 travel agents and tour operators in the UK.
    "But when they feel reassured about the economy, we expect bookings to rise, although obviously not to record-breaking levels."
    Curiously, Tenerife record*ed an increase in tourism

    last month, but a drop in foreign visitors, according to April's figures just released.
    A total of 420,738 tourists were accommodated, which represents a 0.89% drop compared with April 2008.
    But the statistics, analysed by Tenerife's Research Department of Tourism, reflect that the decline (-0.3%) occurred in the hotel sector only. The number of people staying elsewhere rose by 2.53%.
    In the same period, the 129,683 British tourists here represented a fall of 8.9% from the same month

    last year. More encouraging is that the figure showed a healthy increase from the drop of 15.3% in March 2009.
    Industry experts have been in no doubt about the reason for the declining numbers. Jose Ignacio Alonso, president of the Association of Travel Agencies in Tenerife, said last week: The No1 factor has been the pound, and since November it has been devalued against the euro.
    But this week's upbeat, sterling news from the UKshould put a smile back on his face.


    Re: good news for tenerife at last
    « Reply #1 on: May 31, 2009 »
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  • I would have more faith in these figures if 1.25 ? to the pound had not been quoted.

    If only...