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Author Topic: FREE Advertising for Bars, Cafes, Restaurants, Discos  (Read 2168 times)

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Not sure which section to add this to (restaurants seemed too limiting and entertainment may not get looked at by those who have restaurants)  but perhaps if it is inappropriate here then the Mods can move to wherever is the best place.

I have an acquaintance, Elle,  in Lanzarote who has the website Canarian Nightlife she is offering FREE ADVERTISING for bars and restaurants on the island.  I have recommended several people who I know to contact here and they are extremely happy.  Here is what she has to say about it.

In May 2012, we decided to re-launch and revisit the site. We decided that no longer would we charge for venues to have a place on the site. Basically... as long as they have a business premises that sells food or drink to customers, they can have a freebie! And that is free forever. They get a page of their own, a write-up based on info they provide plus the research I do on their business, a few photos included, their menus added on if they want to... a map on their page so people can find them... and all sorts of other bits and bobs. So far, the response has been excellent... but we still want lots of businesses on ALL the Canary Islands to get in touch. We are making money through other areas of the website, and have employed a bilingual telesales girl (who we've known for some years) to generate that for us. The site has almost 2 million hits per month and around 30000 visitors, so it's a great way for other businesses to get found.

Please do tell anyone you know that owns a bar, restaurant, cafe or disco that the site is there for them to avail themselves of. It's free - so nothing to lose. They don't need to speak tremendous English - tell them to email me on and we'll get together with my limited Spanish and Google Translate.

This is the website  Canarian Nightlife