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Forward Planning MK2
« on: November 19, 2011 »
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  • Don?t panic, having been ?sin-binned? for illegal use of the message board (Letting an apartment) I have no intention of trying again!

    However, in the short time that my message appeared I was asked whether I had the approved tourist licence. I haven?t and was until then sort of unaware of its existence, I?ve since read most of what I can find on this forum and others and seem to have settled on the advice of Orange and read all that Janet Anscombe has on the subject.

    My query is ?hypothetically? if I was to consider a six month let of my apartment would this be considered Long-term residential, therefore only needing community agreement and insurance cover to be legal.

    I have copied part of Janet Anscombe?s text below, which mentions specifically villas, presumably the same  carries for apartments.

    This means, categorically and from the mouth of Turismo itself, that no private villa in the Canaries can be legalised for commercial lets. Long-term residential or temporada lets of 3 months or more are legal . . .

    Any comments? Sensible or otherwise appreciated