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Re: For Sale: Hotel Barcelo
« Reply #30 on: March 24, 2009 »
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  • thank you orange, 

    tasha, go with the booking!  you will have a lovely time, barcelo will not be sold by then (if ever in the near future) and it will make up for your mediocre time in the dominican....... having been there i think it isnt worth the journey!

    on a serious note -you'll be fine in the barcelo, its in a lovely spot, just dont eat in the hotel all the time, visit all the local restaurants (especially those next door in mar y blanc) and visit the bars!

    we are a very friendly crowd ;D


    Re: For Sale: Hotel Barcelo
    « Reply #31 on: March 25, 2009 »
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  • Just because a hotel is up for sale doesn't mean that its owners are about to go bankrupt. The Barcelo group is  a big chain and the chain  is not up for sale, only a very small number of its hotels.

    This means that the hotel group as a whole is viable and it is the hotel group and not the specific hotel which guarantees your accommodation. You can usually tell when a company is about to go bust. I recall that just before the Royal Sun folded, accommodation was being offered at desperately low prices. But if you check out prices for holidays at the Santiago and Varadero hotels with the major holiday companies, the prices quoted are quite competitive. The major holiday companies which are ABTA approved are still accepting bookings and they are very careful about their reputations so there is no immediate problem.

    From memory, I recall reading many months ago that about 20 % or more of Tenerife's hotels were up for sale, yet none of them has  folded. So don't worry.

    When the Royal Sun went bust, its customers  were transferred to the Playa Arena Hotel and most  were more than satisfied with the alternative accommodation. If you are still worried then check your travel  insurance  and maybe for peace of mind pay a few pounds more  for additional cover.

    You are very lucky to be staying at the Barcelo Santiago. First class hotel. Wish I had your problem.

    However, you said that the prices for May were similar to Christmas.  This seems exceptionally   high for May. Personally, if I were you and could back out without penalty then I would do so purely on price and look for all inclusive late deals for the Playa Arena and the Costa Los Gigantes hotels on the Thomson and First Choice websites.  They look exceptionally competitive at the moment. Hope they are not in trouble!

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    Re: For Sale: Hotel Barcelo
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  • thanx for the info.

    what i meant was we went to the DR and our May holiday together cost the same as the Barcelo at Christmas and we have been to the Barcelo several times at Christmas.  In effect we are having our May holiday for nothing!

    Cannot wait we just love this hotel and area and yes we do eat/drink in the local bars restaurants etc. and personally me (hubby hates it) being a F1 mad fan at nearly 60 will be in a local bar to watch the Monaco GP.

    See you all then   thanx again   xxxxx


    Re: For Sale: Hotel Barcelo
    « Reply #33 on: March 25, 2009 »
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  • It is interesting that the Barcelo Group is a 100% family owned and private business.
    This hides a public position as regards finances and any questions of such.

    Large does not mean safe - the British Banking System and the associated failures
    are living proof of that.

    An expanding Hotel Group does not just start selling Hotels without good reason.
    That reason would be financial but on the face of it, not one of shoring up.

    All very dry I know, perhaps if Brown had taken more notice of what went on
    around him over a 10 year period. These  may be better times for all...