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« on: December 20, 2007 »
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  • I have just booked a last minute break over the Christmas week and having taken up Beach fishing in the UK and having permission to take some of my gear out with me - could anybody advise help me on good fishing spots in Los Gigantes, what rigs and bait might work etc.

    One more thing are any of the good restaurants open on Christmas Day?

    Many thanks


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    Re: Fishing
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  • Hello Sycamore,
    There is no actual Beach fishing in this area.
    Most of the fishing is done from the rocks or from boats.
    Best place for advice is The Sporting Point down in the Los Gigantes Marina.
    Speak to Damian. He will advise on rigs, bait etc.
    Good luck !!

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    Re: Fishing
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  • You must be extremely carefull here.  Some fishermen do stand on the rock and fish from the shore and I'm sure you will be tempted.  Unless the sea is calm don't even think about it. If there is a swell there can be sudden big waves and each winter the sea takes several lives.  Hate to be negative, but that's the way it is.  Same goes for swimmers who ignore the flags. Please take note of my warning. Yes, best place for advice on shore fishing is The Sporting Point down on the Los Gigantes Marina but if you fancy a bit of big game fishing you need to go out on the Punta Umbria.  Their office is by the barrier at the entrance to Los Gigantes marina.

    All the good restaurants will be fully booked for Xmas Day.  Your best bet is to enquire when you get here.