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Author Topic: E-mail addresses of LG/PS and PDLA Restaurants  (Read 1759 times)

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A fair number of weeks have gone by since first posting my request on getting some help in obtaining e-mail addresses of any of the restaurants within the compass of the three villages. It would seem that the people who would be 'in the know' have been somewhat reticent in providing that information. Is it going to be a case of I having to go away and ring each restaurant in the 3 villages to find out what I need to know, or will it be a case of someone taking pity on me by they providing the information I requested some weeks ago. My wife and I shall be arriving into LG late in the evening of Tuesday 12th January ( around 9 o'clock or there abouts) and I'd like to be able to take her to a restaurant that would be able to cater for some body who is a coeliac. All I want to do is contact a restaurant in order for me to make arrangements for them to cater for my wife? Is that too much to ask?????


Re: E-mail addresses of LG/PS and PDLA Restaurants
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  • This is a link to the page on the  local Council's "new" website giving contact details for restaurants. It's phone numbers I'm afraid. The old website gave more information but I'm not sure if it is still operational. If it is operational, then perhaps someone could provide a link or web address.
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    Re: E-mail addresses of LG/PS and PDLA Restaurants
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  • Sorry, I thought I had given you one which was who run the Tajinaste Restaurant and cater for coeliac's and all dietary needs. Their phone numbers are also 610062353 or 678195750. or 600640898. Unfortunately most of the restaurants only give their phone numbers but if I can get more e mail addresses I will let you know.
    Tipsy Terrace have one, or phone 922868432 after 3 o clock. or ask for Sally or Sarah.