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Author Topic: Dry Cleaners in El Varedaro  (Read 1781 times)

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Dry Cleaners in El Varedaro
« on: November 03, 2010 »
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  • I have had a terrible experience with these people, took a long dress in to be dry cleaned, cost ?10, when it came back, the sequins were all discoloured, was told that there was a clause, that they were not responsible, I wasnt informed of this beforehand, it is now going to cost me another ?23 to get it repaired.
    I am not happy about this, as the dress only cost me ?60, I am a resident here.


    Re: Dry Cleaners in El Varedaro
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  • try & make contact with Colin Carter at Safe hands in Los-Gigs his brother in law owns it. They may be able to help


    Re: Dry Cleaners in El Varedaro
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  • I was most saddened to read about the complaint posted with regard to this matter!  I have used Janette and David for some 3 years now on a regular basis and they undertake the laundering and drycleaning of all my designer clothes, the latter most of which are encrusted with sequins and which cost many hundreds of pounds each and the daywear which I would only entrust to their diligent garment care!  The daywear garments are handwashed and are beautifully done!  The evening garments are sent for drycleaning  to elsewhere and Janette does not accept responsibility for these, as that is out of their control and cannot be expected to!  All my sequined garments she sends to the dry cleaning company, and every single one without exception have been returned to me in perfect condition!  Sequins sometimes can discolour dependent on the type of sequin used, and to replace sequins is actually a long and fiddly job of which I have had years of experience of myself and her charges will be based on the charge the seamstress will charge her, and this type of work will not be cheap at all!

    Last month I also had the whole of the soft furnishings in my home attended to by them and their attentiveness and care was second to none with their first class service!

    Personally I think you should have tried to accept what has unfortunately happened - even though you say you were not advised which I find surprising -and put it down to experience instead of besmirching a good companies name - and quite frankly what does it have to do with whether you are a resident here or not - perhaps you think that as you are a resident you should get it for free!