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Dolly, new idea for you.
« on: April 29, 2011 »
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  • Hi Dolly,

    Just a thought, what about a new news item page about news stories in Tenerife as a whole. There are many big stories in Tenerife every day, that i think the owners who live in Los Gigantes, or tourists, do not hear about.

    For example, the plans for the new train line from the north to the south have now been publsihed and maps of the new route are now being displayed in all areas where the train will run, where it will stop, how often, capacity etc. If people knew about this plan, they would realize that in not so many years away, they can get the train from Fonsalia to Santa Cruz and La Oratava. Not tomorrow, but the plans are there now as to when this is proposed to happen.

    I agree, not it is not news about los gigantes, but maybe of interest to los gigantes people and tourists.

    This is just one of many major projects that are happening here on the island, plus of course,Other news items like, murders, robbbery, rapes, charity functions, fund raising events, football and sports stories, may elections which affects los gigantes, who are the candidates? etc etc.

    Just an idea, Maybe some of the people who live here may like to know a bit more of what is happening on the island rather than just in los gigantes, where it seems not a lot goes on.

    I appreciate you are a busy woman, along with you asssociates, but if you have a little time to spare, you can create a more interesting website for your readers.

    If you are struggeling to get information, please have a look at the El Dia website, they publish all the news, good and bad, every day, all you need to do is translate and post a few stories on a general Tenerife news page.

    Seriously, I am only suggesting this to try to help, to make this site more interesting to all who come here to see what is going on, including me !!!

    All the best



    Re: Dolly, new idea for you.
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  • Hi Dolly, by the way, your website is 1 hour behind the real time, you need to update your clock on this site.

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    Re: Dolly, new idea for you.
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  • Yes I take your point.  However, the stories you are mentioning are all covered by Tenerife News and Island Connections, both of which have very good web sites and their news is updated daily by contracted reporters. These sites can be viewed by people in the UK wanting news in general about Tenerife.  I would be spending a huge amount of time  duplicating the information.

    I do try to cover as much as possible about the area but rapes, robberies etc all seem to happen in other parts of the island. It is rather tranquil here - thank goodness.  Another reason for making Los Gigantes my home.

    Charity events and evening entertainment are all advertised on our "what's on locally" page and relevent reminders are posted on this forum.  There really shouldn't be complaints that people don't know what is going on.

    I am going to try to make time to join in the coastal clean up.  ANY OTHER VOLUNTEERS