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Author Topic: Does Anyone Know What The Weather Is like In Los Gigntes?  (Read 3973 times)

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Hi, were coming out to Los Gigantes on Tuesday 25th March and was wondering what the weather has been like this past week, as on BBC it says its been raining and around 15-20 degrees celcius, which I don't think it very accurate; anyway if someone could let me know, thanks! :)

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weather here is fine and forecast to be that way for at least a week (don't trust long term forecasts)  Outside temp at my place is now 22 degrees C at 11.25 
Can be a little cool outside in the evening
Enjoy your holiday


Thanks for the info, much appreciated!!!


As long as its not raining, which I'm guessing is a lie from the BBC as it probably rains about twice a year doesn't it?!


Rain is forecast for today and it is looking a little cloudy at the moment.


Its lovely here..snowing again !    :-\\

Walking in a winter wonderland.......  :D


Sorry, I'm in London, not Tenerife..dont want to frighten any visitors.  ;)


Good job you said you were in London, I was panicking for a minute there! Haha  :D