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Author Topic: DISAPPEARING RADIO STATIONS  (Read 1837 times)

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  • I've read in many Spanish and local rags that the islands' Radio Receiver masts are to be removed - due to interference at the air traffic control at the Reina Sofia Airport. Can anyone confirm what is really occurring ???


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  • Well my girl if you really want to know the answer to that then you are in search of the holy grail. The truth is that most radio stations fall into the category of ?alegal? it?s a Spanish term which means  that is they are neither legal or illegal, many threats have been made and rightly so by the authorities to try and keep control of these stations transmission power etc. The real truth is that the only station that causes a big problem is a national official channel that broadcasts on such a high power it is bound to cause problems, but it?s been sanctioned therefore the authorities can?t blame themselves for this so they must point the finger else ware. In my next post I will explain how if at all and who are likely to be awarded licenses, if you want to know more.

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  • Just to add to the above.....

    The present situation invloved a stack of stations.  As Borris suggests, almost all stations operate without formal licenses as such, since essentially they do not exist.  However, every few years the authorities go through a round of licence issues during which all are invited to apply.  The last round was around 1989, the next round is this year.

    All the above said, the Telecoms people do take an interest.  They tend to leave the "good boys" alone, but act heavily if there are interference issues.

    In this case, all the stations using Guaza Mountain up to and including May last year were warned about their operations causing problems at the airport.  Apparently about 18 months ago, the airport was actually closed for several hours because of the problems.  The result of this was that Telecome gave all stations, irrespective of who was actually causing the problems, notice to stop the interferance or face fines and closure.

    Apparently by the time the next problems occured, there were 22 stations still there.  They were all told to leave and issud with 500,000 Euro fines, later reduced to 90,000.

    The list of stations involved is massive and includes Spanish, German and English stations - and some very familiar names too.

    From what I have read elsewhere, the only "English" stations not affected by the fines and closure notices are REM Qfm and Atlantis fm since they have apparently never used Guaza.

    Also from what I've read, the fines were issued in early March which gives them until early May to either pay, appeal or presumably be closed........