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Digital video camera
« on: August 09, 2008 »
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  • Recently I have returned back to England after being on holiday in the los gigantes area (playa da la arena). I was delighted when an unknown resource came up to me and offered me a digital camera for sale.
    I snatched at the offer as it was too good to refuse . I am ecstatic at with the camera I purchased .........  BUT!!! imagine my horror when  I played the video that was in it . The video I saw was not intended for a young audience as it was obviously a home-made porno. I will be happy to return the movie, but not the camera to its rightful owner, should they wish to contact me through the message board

    Steve from Surrey


    Re: Digital video camera
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  • Holy crap thats where it went. Bill Clinton told me not to take a camera on holiday with me.

    Could you post it to me please at:

    Mr President, er George something, The big white building in The Capital, W, Washington with the letters after it, er 3rd room from the top on the 2nd floor, they know where I sleep..................... wait on 2nd thoughts just send it to my buddy Jim, met him a couple of times, at Fox News, USA, sure he will get it to me.


    Don?t forget to vote for me for a 3rd term in office, sure theres a election coming up soon, but they won?t tell me when.


    Re: Digital video camera
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  • George - you are not allowed a third term by law - thankfully, if only for the future safety of the World....