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Author Topic: Did you know that you need a licence from the Council for all home improvements?  (Read 2838 times)

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In a bid to clamp down on illegal builders Local Councils, including Santiago Del Teide, are enforcing an old ruling regarding home improvements.  This includes internal, new kitchen, bathroom etc as well as external replacement of doors, windows, painting etc.

You need to apply for a licence at Santiago Del Teide Town Hall, Technical department or at their office in Playa Arena.  Hand in an estimate of the job, a diagram and permission from the community (if applicable).  The cost of the licence is 9% of the job estimate.  If you are employing professional builders then they will do this for you.  In the case of small jobs that you take on yourself you still need a licence, the minimum charge is ?57.

If you are caught working without a licence the police will stop you from working until you have the necessary papers.  This can take 3 or 4 days.  This happened to some friends of mine in Los Gigantes last week who had no idea a licence was necessary.

Skip Hire
If the skip is on private property that?s fine, but if the skip is to be left in the street you need to take your licence to the police station and pay, I believe, ?30 for the permission.
I?m not sure if you can take your own rubble by car to the rubbish tip at the Adeje roundabout ? can anyone clarify this?


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  In the case of small jobs that you take on yourself you still need a licence, the minimum charge is ?57.

Yes - I heard about this "ruling" on my previous visit  - and whilst I can understand the authorities wish to sanction work carried out to determine whether it's a bona fida or cowboy set up the interpretation seems to have extended into owners being unable to say paint their balustrades or carry out work themsellves - what tripe.

All I can say is that last week I was up to my neck in Pintura tackling the balustrades and a whole lot more DIY jobs in and around my apartment and if anyone things i'm going to pay to get myself a document giving me permission to carry out work on, in or around my apartment they can think again ! - has the sun finally addled their brains or something ?

I would think that this is an attempt to clean up (excuse the pun) the situation whereby Jack no Brains comes to set up home and declares himself master of all repairs and maintenance having in reality no experience whatsoever. Hence, taking work away from bona fida tradesmen who are skilled at what they do and pay their taxes and dues.

Not so sure it should/would apply to Mr Owner - won't in my case anyway.
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Seems like another form of SPANISH COUNCIL TAXES to me!!!!!


The minimum charge of ?57 seems over the top or is the minimum cost of a job that this tax applies to?

Obviously the easiest way would be to have a register of builders, the registration number is then put
on adverts etc. It is then illegal to employ a non registered builder.

This is a licence to print money - if Gordon Brown happens to read this then a light bulb will glimmer...

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How absolutely stupid and short sighted can the authorities get.

At a time when we desperately need to tidy up our act in this neck of the world by getting the paintbrush out and smartening our homes, apartements, cafe's and restaurants, some muppet comes along and wants us to submit a plan?!!!!!


I vote we get Sebastian on the council next time around - he'll give 'em wot4!

In the mean-time I will continue to wield my paintbrush from time to time.  See you all in prison!


Thanks but no thanks asked already earlier to but i think steve does all right and works hard to hard for my liking................ ;D ;D ;D ;D