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Delfin Dave - David Brigden
« on: September 24, 2008 »
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  • Many people seem to have heard that Delfin Dave hasn't been too well recently - quite an understatement!  In fact he suffered an aneurism on Sunday Sept 14th and was operated on Monday Sept 15th.  He has NOT had a stroke and is now coming along very nicely, even getting quite cheeky with it!!  However, he is not yet out of total danger but, hopefully, will be as much as any of us ever are by Monday next.  Maddie and Dave have asked that this note be put up and wish you to know how much they have appreciated the various messages of support that they have had fed back via others locally.
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    Re: Delfin Dave - David Brigden
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  • I Wish you a speedy and full recovery all the best Dave, Paul M.