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Author Topic: Certificado de registro - this affects a lot of you here in Tenerife  (Read 4885 times)

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Further Update
As from Monday (2 April) you can now process the new Certificado de Registro applications at the National Police Station. The new forms have been printed and are available. There is a processing fee, which has to be paid in the bank and forms for that are again available at the Police Station.

EVERYONE who is an EU citizen and has stayed or intends to stay in Tenerife for a period of longer than 3 months is obliged to get themselves entered on to the foreigners' register - even those people who used to be exempt from having residencias under the previous legislation. If you already have a residencia you can wait until that expires.

This affects a lot of people who are working or living here and under the old scheme did not have to do anything except have a contract or work for themselves -  now they must go in person to the National Police Station.

Non EU citizens who are married/dependants of EU citizens have to follow a different procedure.

There is a help desk at the Police Station -  but if you don't have at least some Spanish you may struggle.

If you are not a Spanish speaker and need help with this please see my website or contact me on 647057599
Cheers GiGi
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H. Baxter

Non EU citizens who are married/dependants of EU citizens have to follow a different procedure.

Does anybody know exactly what this different procedure is?


On a selfish note, how does this affect the discounts on travel, etc, enjoyed by people holding a residence permit?  Will these be available with a "Certificado de Registro" in future.  We non-resident property owners used to get these discounts on obtaining the necessary certificates, but this privilidge was discontinued a couple of years ago.


Just read your earlier posting re. discounts.  It seems there is no official clarification on this then.  Anyone got any info?

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My partnerquote s residencia is out of date because he is put off by the thought of getting up early to stand in that long queue at the police station!  In the past a lquote Certificacion de Empadronamientoquote  has been sufficient to obtain discount on the ferries.  Not anymore, he had to pay full price!  Looks like hequote ll be in that long queue later this week!


and here it is chaps!!!
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Can you download the forms of the internet, or do you have to go in person to the police station



One you can download the other is carbonised and you have to pick it up.

cheers GiGi


Does the 3 month rule mean 3 months in any 12 month period, or any individual stay of 3 months or more?  This will be of interest to a lot of people who stay for, say, 2 months twice a year.


It is a continuous period of 3 months or more not restricted to a calendar year ie arrive on 1 December 2007 intend to stay past 1 March 2008 you should apply. (on the application you are asked for your intended length of stay -  those living here permanently can say so)
This is totally separate from resident for tax purposes which is 183 days or more stay in any one Calendar year. Be nice if the various ministeries all agreed wouldn't it? LOL. If you want more info see other post on tax info
cheers GiGi


I read with interest a piece in the Tenerife News about just this subject, and thought I would answer some of the points they made .

Every person I have translated for at the South Police station since the first week in April when the new system came into force has come away with a green residencia  paper certificate there and then (see a copy of the document above), and it is by far the simplest system so far in my opinion.

There is no request for information about a person's financial situation whether they are employed, not employed  - whatever.

Yes the queues are long but at least there are now three officers dealing with this subject so there are 150 people seen every day rather than the 50 every day who are seen from those wanting NIE numbers.

They make a point about the help line, but in truth a person needs to visit the help desk (the queue for that is not that long at whatever time of day you go) to pick up the form to pay the "tasa" fee and an application form. I help my clients as much as I can by saving them that trip to get the application forms and also save them a trip to pay the "tasa" in the bank. I get there early to hold the queue and then clients can arrive later on if they want to as long as its before 9 am.

Is it a pain? well yes I suppose it is, but less so than the trip to Santa Cruz pensioners had to undertake before and less so than the all the trips that younger people had to make under the old system ( social security for vida laboral, twice to police station etc)

In any case we can moan all we like, the law has been passed and if we want to remain in our adoptive country for more than 3 months at a stretch then we have to abide by its requirements.

I personally mourne the demise of the residencia card because it was a handy size, but then its only us Brits who don't have an ID card from our own country, French, Italian etc cards are perfectly valid here now provided they are supported by the new certificate.

I have also been advised by several companies that Spanish picture driving licences will be acceptable as ID for discount, so that is an option as well

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