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« on: November 15, 2006 »
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  • hi just wondering have the dates been finalised for the carnival yet? we are asuming its 1st march but would love to know for sure thanks :D


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  • Is this for the death of the sardine? I would really love to see this one, having seen and heard about it for so long.

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    Re: carnival
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  • Burial of the Sardine on last night of Carnaval, not to be missed. Don't forget to go as a grieving widow or dress in black, it is a funeral. The Saturday night dance and the Sunday afternoon parade  and the fireworks after the sardine has been burnt are other highlights. Have a look at the photos of past Carnavals on this site. I went to my first one 15 years aog and have only missed one since, nothing like it in the UK. By my reckoning it should be 2 March following the past formula.