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By Titsa from Tenerife Sur
« on: January 02, 2011 »
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  • Yesterday, New Year's day, I had to deliver a car to the airport for a friend. The journey there took 31 minutes, traffic was light but I did stick to the speed limits all the way.

    The return was by the bus service. I did not have a Bono bus card the cabin that sells them at the airport was closed on the holiday but nevertheless the journey back to Los Gigantes was trouble free and cheap. The 111 service from the airport to Playa Las Americas left at 11.00 and took 30 minutes. Changing there for the Los Gigantes service was quick. There was no direct service as it was a holiday but it left at 11.30 getting into Los G at 12.40. Stress free and, if you have the time, good value. ?2.25 from airport to PDLA and ?3.55 from PDLA to Los G. Remember that was without the Bono card.

    Total journey time, there and back, with a wait at the airport. 2 hours forty minutes, not bad I would say.
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