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Birds of Prey.....
« on: August 09, 2008 »
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  • Hi all.

    As a frequent visitor to the Los Gigantes area - I have just returned from 2 weeks staying in  San Francisco and have observed 2 of what looked like falcons hunting from quite high in the sky and also one perched on some netting near banana plantations- i've visited a few websites for definitive lists of birds of prey of the island but to little avail.  Possibly Sparrowhawks but I thought they were flying too high in the sky for that - Eleonora's and Barbary Falcon have also been suggested....or even a Buzzard but i think they were too small for to be  Buzzards...

    If anybody has a steer then i would be eternally grateful....I would also be grateful if anybody has any tips on location for birdwatching in Tenerife = particularly birds of prey...



    Re: Birds of Prey.....
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  • I think I?m right in saying that the main Canarian birds of prey are African Vultures, Falcons, Buzzards, Sparrowhawks and Kites.

    They best places to view birds of prey are those areas with a plentiful supply of food. The  Masca Valley used to be quite good but the fire last year will have reduced the food supply but it may well have recovered since.

    The photographs shown below were posted on this message board a while ago under another topic. The one on the left (Red Kite) was taken by la cochinello and the one on the right (Canarian Falcon) by me.

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    Re: Birds of Prey.....
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  • I often see a bird like the one in Falstaff s photo hovering above the land between crab island and the hotel


    Re: Birds of Prey.....
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  • You can also add Ospreys to the list, although you'll need to go out on a boat along the cliffs to see those.

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    Re: Birds of Prey.....
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  • When out diving we go along the coast by the cliffs daily.  We regularly have binoculars on board to observe the Ospreys.  There are several nesting pairs.  We have also observed them stealing fish from the fishfarm then being chased and harassed by the gulls.

    Even more interesting was the egrit (spelling?), the slim white birds with the long neck.  They learnt that if enough of them landed on the nets which cover the fish in the howlers (fish pens) the net would drop to water level then with their long beaks they could steal the fish.  It was really amusing watching them being chased off by the workers. Now you will see that a framework had been designed to keep the net  up.