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Beware of Money Changers
« on: January 05, 2008 »
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  • Mrs Falstaff and I found ourselves in Las Americas on Christmas Eve.

    The sign said 1.34 Euro?s to the Pound  so we went inside to change ?100.
    The rate was confirmed by the woman behind the counter. We asked if she charged commission and she said no. Mrs Falstaff handed over ?100 and the woman, quick as a poker player, dealt us a handful of Euros, counting out incomprehensibly in  Spanish.  Mrs Falstaff picked up the money and counted it out slowly in English and it came to 124 Euros. ?It?s 10 Euro?s short,? she said, whereupon the woman said that there was 10 Euro?s commission to pay.  Mrs Falstaff demanded and got her money back (Mrs Falstaff is a BIG woman and she is particularly assertive when she takes her teeth out). 

    This is the third time that this has happened to us ?twice before in those electronics shops.

    To avoid being ripped off, always re-count out your money in front of the seller and never leave the shop until you are satisfied that it is right.

    And if you are actually staying in Las Americas and need to change money, it?s a good idea to  take your social worker or probation officer with you to the shop.