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Author Topic: Beware dishonest Taxis driver  (Read 1788 times)

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Beware dishonest Taxis driver
« on: July 01, 2012 »
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  • Some friends returned to Tenerife last weekend and decided to take a taxis from the airport instead of their friends picking them up, which is what they usually did. They drove to Domingos Bar in Alcala Market square and met their friends there and their own car was there for them to use on their homeward journey to Los Gigs.
    At the airport the taxis driver put their case in the boot himself. On arrival at Domingos, the lady got out and greeted her waiting friends and her husband paid the taxis driver who then promptly drove off. They immediately realised he had not taken their case from the boot and Domingo immediately phoned the taxis office at the airport to be told the taxis was "out of range". Needless to say the taxis did not return. They went to the Guardia Civil the next day and reported this. They then went to the main taxis office at the airport and filled out a complaint form. The controller there said"you get some honest drivers and some not so honest" The guardia were most helpful and did follow up the complaint but reported that the taxis driver said he definately took their case out of the boot!!!!!!!!!
    There were some very expensive designer goods in the case, including my birthday present. PLEASE BE AWARE AND MAKE SURE THIS DOESNT HAPPEN TO YOU.