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Author Topic: Back home again.......I'm sorry to say  (Read 2195 times)

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Back home again.......I'm sorry to say
« on: September 02, 2009 »
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  • Thank you Los Gigantes for yet again giving us a wonderful, perfect and memorable holiday.  Soooo sad to be home again.

    I must admit to being a bit nervous before I went this year after reading some of the topics on here about how quiet it all was, but I'm happy to report that the village was (in my humble opinion) buzzing!!  We arrived on a Friday and I have to admit that it was quiet on that night (and the 2nd Friday actually - someone may know the reason for this?).  But by Saturday night it was nicely busy again, with everything open - and it remained that way for the duration of our hols (apart from aforementioned Friday, puzzling!!).  I think that the Oasis and Lido seemed a bit quieter this year than last, but still loads of peeps around making lots of noise and having fun.  Of course I visited during the last 2 weeks of our kids summer hols, so that might explain the general buzziness.

    We took our parents (my in-laws) this year for their first visit, and they admit that they can now see what I've been banging on for years about (I think they secretly thought I was bonkers).  They told me that they'd never had such a relaxing holiday and spent their time marvelling at THE view and generally chilling out (which believe me, they never do at home).  I sum my time up there by sharing with you a reply I gave to my friend when I came back.  She asked me how many books I'd read whilst there - my reply "didn't even finish one of them".  She was gobsmacked and asked why.  My reply "I normally read to shut out the world and I didn't want to shut out a moment of my holiday in Los Gigantes - why waste time reading when I could be watching my son playing with his dad and granddad in the pool or marvelling at the beautiful cliffs and ocean".  She was quiet after that.

    Oh must tell you as well -  another highlight was that we saw pilot whales from our balcony one morning while having breakfast and saw dolphins the same day in the afternoon while having balcony drinkies.  Took binoculars and so had a great view of them.  Wow !!

    Trips out included Icod, Garrachico, Masca, Teide, La Orotava and Teno lighthouse - all brilliant (apart from the roads where my mum in-law went very quiet in the back of the car - hee hee hee).  Had a fantastic meal in an authentic Canarian fish restaurant in Garrachico - and soooo cheap too (which was surprising).

    Anyway, not surprisingly LG is still my number 1 holiday destination and guess what, you never will......??!!??  I've just booked to return again next year - but I don't think I'll bother wasting my luggage allowance on books this year. 

    Caroline & the rest of the family xxx

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    Re: Back home again.......I'm sorry to say
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  • I agree with all you's a wonderfull place.  We had American friends stay with us for a week this year and they described the view from the terrace as being like a 42 foot television screen!

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    Re: Back home again.......I'm sorry to say
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  • the reason friday is quiet its uk transfer day for tour operators people leave early and newones arrive late glad you had fun cant wait to get back :).A few months yet


    Re: Back home again.......I'm sorry to say
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  • So glad you had a great time Caroline and that all your family enjoyed it. Los Gigantes is a great place to live and to holiday. Pleased to hear you have already booked for next year. regards Chrissie

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    Re: Back home again.......I'm sorry to say
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  • Am coming out on 18th September with my husband - have been coming out twice a year for about 10 years and share Caroline's sentiments.   Love the pace of life and look forward to eating dinner at lots of different restaurants.  In the UK we eat out once a week and over the last 12 months all venues have become much quieter - so LG is only reflecting the economic situation here.   Am so looking forward to our holiday - so much so I have already booked for March 2010 so I have that to look forward to when we return!