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Author Topic: Anything I need to know about ;)  (Read 1764 times)

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Anything I need to know about ;)
« on: June 24, 2012 »
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  • Will be in the lovely place in 5 weeks for the first time ever in July/August.
    Giddy as much as when I come out in December, but is there anything different in the summer going on.  What are the temperatures like, day and night?   What time does it go dark?  Anything new?

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    Re: Anything I need to know about ;)
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  • August is hot,very hot.  It is best to plan for an afternoon siesta to avoid the hottest time of the day.  (wish I could)  You will need a high factor sun screen and the lightest of clothing.  It gets dark around 9.30pm

    Carnaval Commission are planning a water festival on 25th August in the Los Gigantes Plaza.  Keep your eye on this message board for confirmation of this and other events