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Author Topic: After worst Summer on records in UK - Tenerife in for bumper Christmas  (Read 2758 times)

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Holiday bookings to Tenerife up 176%

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Good News at Last

Bookings for Christmas are up  :) Tenerife (up 176% year on year), many of the local business men and women may start to smile at the thought that a much needed boost is on it's way. Me I am retired but is sad to see and hear so many positive strong people so down, so I for one hope all have a bumper Christmas. Treat them right and they will be back next year.
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Our holiday has been booked since January and we are counting the weeks off, I hope the great influx of people onto island mean that some of them are heading out to LG/PS to boost their economy and not drifting into the other more publicised parts of the island.   Feliz Navidad. xxx