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Author Topic: Advice wanted on long lets in Los Gigantes please.  (Read 2733 times)

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dawn ingham

 Looking for advice on how easy/difficult it is to find a long let (approx 3mths) in Los Gigantes.  Also ideas on prices.
Looking at Nov to end Jan or Jan to April. Would we be better going through one of the agents?
All views on this appreciated


I am not surprised you are not getting any answers. This is your second post and the first while dismissing Letting Laws went out of its way to identify illegal lettings.

Anything Let over 31 days needs to be registered at the Town Hall and declared for Tax.

Tenants have far stronger rights than the UK. So you would be better off going to an Agent and make sure it is all legal.

Because you have highlighted yet another dimension that the authorities are looking into.

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