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Action on illegal holiday lettings

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In reply to Chiquita and her many comments on this thread it appears she is taking great delight in the predicament apartment owners are in and as she says its payback time.

I own an apartment in LG and know many people who have bought one in the last ten years, fortunately most have not bought them to let out but in case Chiquita has not been involved in the buying process I will explain.

In all purchases that I know of either the estate agent or the apartment builders sales staff are always delighted to tell you about the letting potential of the apartment and in most cases offer to advertise it for you. At no time in this process are you informed that some apartment blocks are touristic and some are not and during the time that you are purchasing the apartment and setting up the various direct debits with the town hall is this ever mentioned. Surely it would have been a great opportunity to keep us informed and legal at this time. I understand its buyer beware but when all selling agencies are giving you the same information you tend to believe it. On returning to the UK I checked with my accountant and he told me if I ever did rent my apartment all I had to do was enter the proceeds on my UK tax form.

Hence the surprise at the recent post about touristic and none touristic apartments. It looks like much of the dishonest sellers and to a lesser degree the Spanish authorities led us into the situation many are in now .

I can only assume you mean it was wrong of me to bringing this topic to the forum.  Perhaps it would be best to leave those who are ignorant of what is happening, to remain ignorant.  Maybe you should read this from another forum so you can see views from all points of view.

Interesting to note that this website has relaxed its strict rules about mentioning the Tenerife Forum.

To some people (such as Chiquita,) it is conclusive proof of tax fraud for the owner of  an apartment located in a non-tourist complex to rent out to tourists. If they are right in their view (and clearly they are not) surely any website  owner who  has seen Orange's list  and knowingly advertises lets  in a non tourist complex for payment of a fee is complicit in the alleged fraud and is just as guilty by  aiding and abetting.

I would be interested to see your musings on this one Chiquita.

The websites that advertise distance themselves in the Terms and Conditions, some are just renting the space and leave it to the advertiser to introduce content.

There are many dimensions to this, the Touristic Licence is strictly controlled as to the Holiday Lets within the complex and occupancy. There is no doubt that even in the places with a Licence, there are those who are advertising property for rent outside that Licence. Mainly because this is a sole agency matter. It is reported that they are looking at that as well.

Mentioning other Forums, there was one poster who would rigorously defend the right of rental of your own property whenever it was mentioned for some years - but even that poster (who has two properties) has completely changed view as a result of all this.

It is awful how people were sold property on its letting potential. To some extent the ease of cross referencing records and computers 'talking' to each other have brought all this forward. If anyone wants to see a Licence without going into complexes, Vigilia Park has the new and old ones framed and they can be seen through the reception window.

Hi all
Well I dare stick my head above the wall now the bless/curse thing has gone and so glad you are back Janey.
Just wondered what the latest position is on the "illegal" holiday lets as not heard anything for a while, due out again shortly and would hate to be dragged from my bed in the early hours!!!


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