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I came home from work yesterday and found stickers on my car, front and back windows. They stated that because of the DISTRESSED state of my car, that it appeared that the vehicle had been abandoned. If it had been April 1st I would of laughed, but it wasn't and even more worrying was the Ayuntamiento crest and Local Police on it. It also had a phone number, so today I rang it:

The Person I spoke to (922 850101) told me the following:

1. Vehicles that are dirty are assumed to be abandoned. (My other car I was driving yesterday was dirtier that the one parked)

2. Vehicles parked in the same place are assumed to of been abandoned (I had moved it twice in the last week and gone to work in it)

3. No vehicle is allowed to be parked in the same spot for more than 48 hours - A law that was brought in 4 years, apparently

4. Now that my vehicle had been ticketed, don't be surprised if it is towed away anytime soon !

I informed the person on the phone that the car is parked OUTSIDE MY HOUSE, was slightly dusty, as it had not been washed for SIX days, was ITV`d till 2010 and Insured till November 2009. It has new tyres and new wheel trims on it. In fact it is for sale, so obviously I am keeping in quite a good presentable condition. I also stated that it had been moved twice in the last week. Who in their right mind would think it had been abandoned ???????    What came next made me almost P**S Myself. He said that if I moved the car, I couldn't  park in back in the same spot, otherwise it would appear the car had not been moved.

I then said that if I was going on holiday would I have to fly back EVERY 2 DAYS to move my car ? !
I was told to park it off road in a garage or risk it being removed, leaving me to pay the grua fee and storage charge on my return.

I have now moved my car  further down the street, but I am now worried that because it has been ticketed, it may be removed anytime soon, when the Ayuntamiento feel like it !

So a WORD OF WARNING. If you come home tonight and all the parking spaces near your apartment are taken, except the one you parked in the day before, don't park there again, or the Ayuntamiento may ticket you and look to remove the car at a later date !!!!!!

What is even more worrying, who the hell is wasting their time going round looking at parked cars ? I could understand if there was one parked on Bricks, with no mirrors, covered in dirt, but decent cars parked on the road. Surely these people can be doing something more productive ?

I am now resulting to taking a daily, date stamped, digital photo of my car, showing its postion on the road, so if it vanishes I have proof it been moving around

Maybe a comment from a councillor wouldn't go amiss ?


This law was probably about leaving cars on the street and going back to another Country for a couple of months etc. You certainly do see cars fitting that description.

Abandoned is just going to mean being left parked for longer than 48 hours as explained.

The stickers are the warning of impending removal. At least it wasn?t just removed after being seen there for 48 hours. You should be thankful for that.
On the same logic if a car was outside and checked at the same time for several days, it would not prove that it has not moved. More likely that the position of the wheels had been noted.

Unfortunately with your date stamp and different positions. It is possible to change the date on a camera and take several photos as and when needed.
The way to do this would be to stick that day?s newspaper on the windscreen or some other date stamped item.

Just moving it should do the trick. But enough to make out it has been...

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Is this a way to get rid of all the hire cars taking up spaces!!!